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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin for AK-47 sold out for $ 150,000
Dust in the eyes, uncontrollable ambition and unrealistic timing: Bloomberg revealed the causes of the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster
Settlements in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will not sit unprotected during bombing raids
The Last of Us: Part 2 became Sony's top-selling game in the US in 2020
Apple is testing Music and Podcast apps for Microsoft platforms
Persona 5 Strikers Drive Trailer Ahead Of Western Release
The Frontier mod was released for Fallout: New Vegas - 150 weapon models, 15 hours of quests and vehicles
New MacBook Pro will get angular design, M1 chips, MagSafe and more ports
Leak: Steam Chinese New Year Sale Starts Feb 11
MSI also announced a price increase for video cards
The Medium developers presented a cinematic horror trailer
New trailer for Resident Evil Village will be shown on January 22
Creator of Super Smash Bros. called Cyberpunk 2077 a dream game
Shadow of Mordor Game Update Lets You Get Online Trophies
Commitment to Quality: CD Projekt RED Unveils Upgrade Plan and Answers Hot Questions
NVIDIA and AMD commented on the situation with the shortage of video cards in the market
22 minutes of gameplay co-op Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game
The release of the Odyssey add-on for Elite: Dangerous postponed due to the pandemic
Bandai Namco has started giving away Little Nightmares for PC
Borderlands graphic mod released for Cyberpunk 2077