Microsoft Cloud PC with Windows 10 Online Desktop May Be Launched By July 2021

The first information about Cloud PC from Microsoft leaked out as early as July 2020. A possibility for companies to access differently configured PCs in a cloud via different subscriptions.

After a long silence, there will soon be a lot of movement in the topic of Windows Cloud PC from Microsoft. Allegedly, the software company wants to introduce a kind of online desktop service as early as the middle of the year, with which you can practically move your PC to the cloud.

As Microsoft specialist Mary-Jo Foley reports, referring to her sources in Redmond, preparations are currently being made for the introduction of the so-called cloud PC service in the summer. According to her, the service based on the Azure cloud could be launched as early as June or early July.

As per MaryJo, the advantage for companies and employees is that Windows 10 can be accessed and worked from anywhere. Good internet connection, of course. So you can access Windows 10 in the cloud with a "small laptop" or installed Windows 10 X and run 32-bit programs. What is currently not possible in Windows 10 X.

The Cloud PC service enables all users to be productive from anywhere and on any device with a cloud-based, secure, and always up-to-date Windows system. It also enables endpoint managers to instantly provision cloud-hosted PCs and manage physical and virtual devices from a single portal at a fixed, predictable price. 

The new cloud PC offering developed under the name "Project Deschutes" should basically be an Azure-based service in which the customer only uses his own end device as a kind of thin client to access a remote desktop. Applications such as Office and various other programs would then be available.

Focus on companies and organizations

As part of Microsoft 365, the offer should be based on a simple concept with a fixed price per user, very different from the previous price structure for Windows Virtual Desktop, in which the costs are based on utilization. A leak last year already indicated that Microsoft could offer three different configurations with different performances.

Foley currently assumes that Microsoft is already testing its new Cloud PC product to a limited extent and behind closed doors. With the new service, the Redmond-based company could, among other things, create the conditions to give owners of very simple PCs or devices with the new Windows 10X the opportunity to access Win32 applications.

With Windows 10X, Microsoft wants to compete with Chromebooks and Chrome OS, among other things, in order to finally be able to mix with cheap notebooks in the lower price segment. In the education segment, in particular, you could have an advantage with Cloud PC and Microsoft 365. We do not yet know whether there are plans to address end customers with Cloud PC.

In this context, there is certainly also the message from yesterday that Microsoft wants to revise the App Store and also open it for programs. It is necessary and also. Because a better offer has to be made available to companies as the Windows Store for Business and Windows Store for Education are being closed.

Microsoft will change a lot from the middle of the year. Let's be surprised if the plan actually works out in the end.

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