ScreenToGif 2.28 is available for download with many changes

Whoever starts his ScreenToGif, regardless of whether it is installed or portable, will be informed that the new version 2.28 can be downloaded. 'Also included are many improvements to the functions.

Who shouldn't know ScreenToGif yet, it is a small tool to record a video or gif file from the desktop and also to edit it. Because only the changed pixels are saved, the file will not be that big.

The exporter and uploader have been revised and you can now make presets for each file type and encoder. Likewise for the upload service. Recorded recordings can now also be partially exported. To do this, the new function can be activated in the editor.

Another new feature is that the simulated keystrokes in the video can be deactivated. The cache can now also be deleted when exiting. Other changes include:

  • The free text can now receive text decorations and shadows and it can be aligned
  • New settings system: There should be fewer problems when saving to the hard disk.
  • Webp, Bmp, Jpg and Mov can now also be exported
  • It is now possible to upload media to the Gfycat profile.

Fixed issues:

  • Pressing the record hotkey while the old recorder was minimized resulted in a crash.
  • The automatic border did not work if the border was not set to enlarge outwards.
  • Slow playback in the editor preview area
  • Recording: A crash occurred if the monitor scheme was changed while the recorder was minimized.
  • DirectX Recorder: Recording on a non-primary screen resulted in a project with transparent frames.
  • New Recorder: Dragging to select an area near the edge of the screen near another display was slow.
  • Cinemagraph This feature did not work as expected in high DPI environments.
  • The option to save gifs with transparency didn't work unless you also selected the option to detect unchanged pixels.
  • Some gifs from Gfycat were not loading correctly.
  • If the image acquisition was too slow, some keystrokes could not be recorded

Info and download:

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