Windows 10X should appear in the second half of 2021

Windows 10X will not be released until the second half of the year, says a new report. Based on the latest rumors, this means a "delay", which you have to put in quotation marks because Microsoft itself never gave a date.

Because I was unsure, I looked again at the original blog post from May 2020, in which Microsoft announced the at least temporary end for the Surface Neo. It was said there that Windows 10X would be brought to single-screen devices - i.e. laptops. The timing was left completely open.

So when WindowsCentral speaks of a postponement today, it's based on rumors and leaks, so you have to be fair before breaking the baton over Microsoft. At the same time, however, it has not only been evident since today that the Windows products of the future are not having a particularly good start. In addition to the Surface Neo, the Surface Hub 2X also had to be deleted, the modular "Core OS" has been nothing more than a legend for years.

According to WindowsCentral, the supposedly new schedule does not change the fact that Windows 10X remains a fake Windows because it cannot run any Windows programs. The focus should continue to be on the education sector and companies, so Windows 10X would remain meaningless for the end customer in the medium term anyway.

The question of what Windows 10X is needed for remains unanswered for me. I was hoping to hear an answer soon, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like that.

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