Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 Store App - Start with Windows 10 21H2

Not only the Windows 10 21H2 will be revised, the Windows 10 Store app and the store itself will also receive a new design in the style of "Sun Valley". This should make the view look more modern. A renovation would be necessary once.

As Zac Bowden writes, it will continue to appear as a UWP app. The store area should be refreshed with the new WinUI design, the new icons, and the animations. The app is to be updated monthly with new functions or improvements. Let's be surprised. It looks like the app will be announced on Build 2021 and a preview will be made available. The start should then take place with the official launch of Windows 10 21H2 in autumn.

But that would just be the look. The developers should get the real changes. Because, as Zac writes, it will be possible to transmit unpacked Win32 apps, .EXE, or .MSI packages and make them available to users. These apps can then also be updated using the update function in the store.

In addition, Microsoft wants to enable app developers to "use their own in-app revenue streams and thus completely bypass Microsoft's own trading platform".

Microsoft Store is to be converted into an open platform that will make it easier for developers and users to discover and download tools, programs, and apps on one platform.

It just sounds too good. If Microsoft really does this, something can still come off the Microsoft Store. For many years the store was neglected. Let's see if it works now.

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