Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS devices and Windows 10: Closed Beta Starts

Microsoft is starting the test operation of cloud game streaming on Windows 10 and iOS: The beta test begins tomorrow, Tuesday, for which an invitation is required, however. The game is played in the browser, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari are supported. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users who have an Android smartphone have been enjoying Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly Project xCloud, for a long time. 

For iOS, Microsoft would have liked to use the in-house Xbox Game Pass app, which also handles streaming on Android, but Apple's anti-competitive guidelines stand in the way. So you take the detour via the browser to bring Xbox games to the iPad and iPhone.

The browser is also used in Windows 10 (initially). There is also an app that can be downloaded via unofficial channels, which then streams both from the cloud and from your own Xbox console. This app did not die, but will probably be put on the back burner for now. First of all, you want to gain experience of how well the technology works in the browser.

You can either use a Bluetooth controller or use touch controls if the game supports it. As before, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is required to use cloud streaming. Access is via - but as already mentioned, only upon explicit invitation.

Beta starts tomorrow for select Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. They can then play over 100 games from the Xbox Game Pass at in their Edge, Google Chrome or Safari browser. The invitations go to players in all 22 supported markets, including subscribers in Germany and Austria. The beta phase will only take place for a certain time and should provide important feedback for the later rollout

Whether Microsoft will also provide app integration into the Xbox app under Windows 10 is open. However, this could already be examined in various leaks, so that it can actually be assumed that Windows 10 users will then have the choice between app and browser. 

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