Firefox: Mozilla releases version 88.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux

A few minutes ago, Mozilla published the last function update for their own browser with Firefox 88.0, before users will likely see the new Proton design with Firefox 89.0 on June 1, 2021. Accordingly, the innovations in this release are also more subdued and, in addition to numerous bug fixes and security updates, only bring minor improvements.

The integrated PDF viewer pdf.js has been expanded to include support for PDF files with embedded JavaScript, which some forms require for certain interactive features. Firefox Screenshots, the tool for creating image recordings, have been removed from the Page Actions menu in the address bar and can now be used via the context menu and via its own icon, which can be placed in the toolbar. The FTP support, which should be removed from the browser with Firefox 90.0, has been deactivated in this release, the units of measurement in the new print dialog have been localized. Otherwise, there are minor improvements that affect the developer tools and group policies, among other things.

Firefox 88.0 is now available for download. As always, you can find the relevant information in the official release notes. With the next update to Firefox 89.0, which this time won't be due for about 6 weeks, users will be able to experience not only privacy improvements, but also the new features of the Proton design. Among other things, new features such as a new tab design, new context menus for Windows 10, simplified menus, and new icons are introduced into the browser.

Changelog Firefox 88

  • You can see changelogs and security fixes here.

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