Windows Server 2022 20334 vNext (LTSC) also as ISO and more

Microsoft has updated the new Windows Server 2022 to the new version 20329 as vNext (LTSC) and, as always, made it available for download as an ISO.

Again, the SDK, ADK, WDK, the language package + FOD and the Windows PE. The official changes to Windows Server 2022 d├╝rftet you now know. We'll see what changes will come this time. The server team is not always that lightning fast.

Known problems:

  • Shutdown Event Tracker is displayed every time a user logs in, even if the user is a member of the Administrators group and the user has properly closed the tracker window.
  • Auto Logon does not work correctly in some scenarios.

Fixed issues:

  • Not known

Download the Windows Server 2022 20324 ISO vNEXT (LTSC)

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