Windows Server 2022 20329 vNext (LTSC) again with additional ISOs

Briefly informed. Microsoft has made the new Windows Server 2022 20329 available for download as vNext (LTSC) as an ISO. With it, as with the previous versions, the SDK, WDK, language package and the Windows PE ISO.

Let's see what information the Redmond company will give out this time. They are always very stingy there. First the list of official changes.

Microsoft officially announced Windows Server 2022 at Ignit on 2nd March 2021. Security is very important here. SMB now also supports AES-256 encryption.

The MsQuic protocol resides in the kernel which is used for both HTTP / 3 internet calls and file transfer over SMB (Server Message Block) for Windows networks and a lot more. Microsoft also wrote a blog post about the Windows containers under Windows Server 2022. You can read through all the changes in peace.

Windows Server 2022 is currently still available in version 20298. But the 20303 is already in the starting blocks. Because the official start of the servers in 2022 will not be until later this year.

In addition, Microsoft has announced the Windows Admin Center 2103 with several new functions as generally available. The new functions are not limited to the admin center itself, but also to the extensions.

The individual information about this:

Known problems:

  • Shutdown Event Tracker is displayed every time a user logs in, even if the user is a member of the Administrators group and the user has properly closed the tracker window.
  • Auto Logon does not work correctly in some scenarios.

Fixed issues:

  • Not known

Download the Windows Server 2022 20329 ISO vNEXT (LTSC)

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