Windows 10: News and weather in the system tray soon for everyone

For some time now, Microsoft has been testing a new function for Windows 10 in the developer channel of the Windows Insider program: "News and Interests" is a widget for the taskbar that provides information on news, weather, sports results, share prices and the like. Now, this function is also being rolled out for the older versions of Windows 10.

Like many other users, I had developed a spontaneous defensive reaction when I first heard about this feature. So I was kind of reassured when I read that this function, like all other system tray features, can be easily turned on and off.

However, after having dealt with it a little, I changed my mind:  News and weather in the Windows 10 taskbar: more useful than I thought.

Since I no longer use the Insider version on my main PC, I'm happy that I don't have to wait any longer. The function for the 20H2 update will be rolled out shortly - Microsoft has already published the corresponding update in the Release Preview channel (19042.962). There is also a new update for version 21H1 that distributes the news widget.

Addendum: As in the insider tests in the developer channel, this is a staggered rollout. This is why not everyone who installs these updates will see the widget.

In our opinion, this widget would be better off in the info center. We think a user doesn't need something like that in the system tray. We realize that this is another feature that will be removed in the foreseeable future due to "lack of acceptance", such as the timeline.

However, It is interesting, it will mainly represent the replacement for the live pieces. But, if Microsoft continues to pack more and more features into the taskbar, then at some point you simply have no more space for your own. And on smaller screens, that will quickly have a negative effect.

What do you think about this new feature? We would love to hear your opinion.

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