Android 12 will free up space on the mobile for us, do you know how?

It will have an interesting function that will recover free space on our phones.

There is no doubt that free space on our phones is one of the aspects that most concern mobile users. Although the phones we buy have more and more internal storage, they also occupy more and more the content we handle. For this reason, it is increasingly necessary to have tools that allow us to have the greatest free space available, something that also influences the operation of the phone and its performance. And it seems that Android 12 has a lot to say in this regard, since as we have known now, it may be more proactive by freeing up space on the terminal automatically.

How are you going to do it?

We don't use most of the apps that we have installed on our phones, and after downloading them they end up taking up precious space that we only remember to recover when we have some kind of storage problem. Android 12 is already close to its official presentation, which we will probably experience at Google I / O in May, and the preliminary versions are already available to many users. That is why these days we are learning a multitude of news related to the operating system, among which is the one that we have known now, and that will allow us to have more free space in the storage of the terminal.

The latest preview version of Android 12 includes a new section within the application settings called " Unused Apps " where installed applications that we do not use frequently will be shown. Well, within that new section, we also have new functionality that allows you to revoke the permissions to the app and free up space on the phone by making some adjustments with this application. What Android 12 will do when we activate this function, will be to delete the temporary files of these apps, deactivate the notifications and as we have seen before, all the permissions granted to the app in the system are also revoked.

Therefore, if we have several apps that we do not use normally, but we want to keep them on the phone just in case, we will have the opportunity to occupy as little space as possible within the phone's storage. This sounds very good, but in practice, great space-saving is not to be expected, since we are talking about apps that we have not used practically, so they could hardly have generated many temporary files to notice some type of significant change in this sense. As they tell from XDA, it will therefore be functionality that will seek the hibernation of these apps so that they occupy the least possible space on the phone.

Logically, any help to have more free space is always welcome. Surely if today we had this function available on our mobile we could recover some free space, taking into account a large number of apps that we have installed and that all they do is occupy a space on the phone that could be used for other more useful tasks. As is logical, the vast majority of users will still have to wait to enjoy these functions, at least five or six months.

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