Noctua NH-D15, its successor (NH-D16) is delayed until 2022

Noctua lets us see its roadmap, which reveals a delay in the launch of its 'Next-Generation NH-D15', an advanced successor to its current NH-D15.

The original plan was to launch its "Next-Generation NH-D15" in the middle of this year 2021, but we won't finally see it until 2022.

Currently, the Noctua NH-D15 coolers, along with their Chromax variants, are one of the best over-the-air coolers for CPUs on the market due to their high cooling capacity, capable of any high-end CPU from Intel or AMD.

Noctua has been working on a new advanced refrigerator for a while now and was ready to announce it later this year. This new refrigerator, hypothetically NH-D16, will have new 140 mm fans improving cooling capabilities.

The Noctua NH-D15 is a cooler with up to two 140mm fans and six copper pipes that are responsible for spreading the heat towards the heatsink. The total weight of the heatsink is about two kilograms. It will be interesting to see how Noctua is going to be to improve this design and make it more efficient. With the NH-D14 model, Noctua won some 250 awards and the recommendation of the main technology portals in the world, a legacy that was inherited by the D15.

Noctua is one of the best brands in PC air cooler design and the arrival of a new generation is always exciting. We would have loved to try it this year. We will keep you informed.

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