AMD Radeon Pro, photograph a mysterious 'Big Navi' model

From them Chiphell forums a mysterious Radeon Pro graphics card has appeared, which could be one of the next Big Navi offerings that AMD is preparing to launch this year.

Currently, AMD is offering the Radeon Pro W5700 and W5500 models, which do not look like this model that has been shared on the Chiphell forums.

The graphics card that we can see from both sides has a double slot design and the characteristic colors of the Radeon Pro blue and silver. From the silver stripe in the center, we must deduce that it is a Radeon Pro W series model.

AMD could be testing with its partners a new generation of Radeon Pro graphics cards with RDNA 2 architecture and this discovered GPU is a sample of engineering. This means that the design of the business model could vary from this sample. The person who leaked the model capped the serial number (to avoid being traced) and the barcode is too small to decipher.

The truth is that AMD will sooner or later launch new Radeon Pro models based on the current RX 6000 graphics cards. For now, AMD launched the RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT, and RX 6700 XT cards, so this sample could be based on any of these three, especially those that use Navi 21 silicon.

If we see more in detail on the back, we see that it uses 16 Gb Samsung memories per module. The “Full Secure TT GLXL A1 ASIC” is also mentioned, but we do not know what it refers to. Unfortunately, we also don't know the number of video outputs with the two shared images.

We will be attentive in the coming months, with the possible announcement of the new Radeon Pro.

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