Visual Studio 2022: New features and preview officially announced

Developers can already look forward to the coming summer: Microsoft will then release the first public preview version for Visual Studio 2022 this summer. Of course, this will bring a whole range of innovations with it.

Probably the most important message that Product Manager Amanda Silver has already announced: Visual Studio 2022 will be fully implemented as 64-bit software for the first time. Up until now, Microsoft had always offered the development environment as 32-bit code. Since the previously very narrow limits on the use of resources will no longer apply in the future, programmers can then easily use huge project folders with thousands of individual projects.

Furthermore, developers should also benefit much more from AI technologies in the future, which are already making routine work easier in many other areas. It looks like the code editor no longer only suggests class names when you start typing a line. Instead, Visual Studio will now propose complete lines of code.

GitHub as training

To make this possible, the developers train the IDE with the broad code base that can be found in the GitHubs databases. On a local level, the algorithm should then also analyze the particularities of the respective programmer on the basis of his previously implemented projects and incorporate them into his automatically generated code suggestions.

Of course, Microsoft will also support the latest versions of various languages ​​and frameworks with Visual Studio 2022. Specifically, according to the information, this concerns, for example, .Net 6 and C ++ 20, although the latter has already been touched upon but not fully supported. There should be some refinements in detail on the user interface.

It is not yet known exactly when the preview will be available. However, you can definitely count on the very early summer, as Microsoft is holding its Build developer conference at the end of May and will certainly also focus on Visual Studio. The final version could then be made available in autumn.

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