Manage Windows Power Options and Save Energy with AutoPowerOptionsOK Free Download

It's time to give some energy to your PC amid pandemics. Luckily there are some free tools available using which you can do amazing power saving. With the free AutoPowerOptionsOK you can better adjust the Windows power options and thus save energy.

Category Autostart & Shutdown, Start Menu, Taskbar & Tray
Version 4.04
Languages English, German
Operating system Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, portable
Software type Freeware
File size 80 kB
Price Freeware
Manufacturer Nenad Ed
Updated 18-04-2021

AutoPowerOptionsOK makes it easier to set up and use the energy-saving options under Windows for your PC by integrating the freeware into the system tray and calling it up and configuring it directly from there.

AutoPowerOptionsOK makes it easier to save energy on the PC

Windows has hidden in the settings of Windows 10 or in the classic Control Panel the power options that allow Windows to power consumption, depending on the specifications made there governs.

With AutoPowerOptionsOK you not only get to the Windows power options via an icon in the system tray, but you can also use the tool to set the behavior of the monitor and the computer when it should be put into hibernation or standby mode.

With the help of the freeware, you can also switch to one of the Windows power plans. AutoPowerOptionsOK also recognizes Xbox controllers and joystick events. This means that when you use a controller or joystick, the PC automatically switches to a different energy-saving plan such as high performance.


  • Uses little CPU and RAM
  • Good extension for Windows energy-saving options
  • Portable


  • No trigger for high CPU or hard disk load to switch a power plan

Available downloads

FreewareVersion: 4.04
Freeware portableVersion: 4.04

Additional Information

Portable: This application can be used on USB sticks, for example.


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