Android Rundschau KW 15/21 with Edge, Bing and OneDrive

The most exciting addition to Microsoft's Android ecosystem last week was definitely the release of Edge Canary. It is the first step towards a unified Microsoft Edge code base on all platforms.

Details can be found here:  Microsoft Edge Canary for Android: A first look at the completely redesigned version.


No update, but an indication of an exciting innovation that fits here best because there is not enough material for a separate article: OneDrive will probably get a new reading mode for PDF files with three different themes in May: light, dark and "Vintage", which roughly corresponds to the display with the blue light filter activated (source: Microsoft Roadmap).

Microsoft Bing

I had already reported about the relaunch of the official Bing app in March, but the new version was not yet available to all users. That changed in the last week, the new version is now standard.

Basically, Bing now corresponds 1: 1 to the Microsoft Messages app. The only difference is that the Bing app shows the search engine's current background image on the start page.

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