Google is supposed to block news about "The Mandalorian" piracy

If not everyone involved is careful together, the film industry ensures that the bans on the subject of copyright infringement get out of hand. Above all, Google regularly has to manually check which pages are being complained about.

For example, Google recently received a blocking request directed against a news article by colleagues from TorrentFreak magazine. In this, it was reported that the Star Wars series The Mandalorian was the most frequently illegally distributed production last year. There were corresponding reports in numerous other media.

When Google receives such requests from copyright holders, the link in question will usually no longer appear in search results. Due to the high number of such reports, they are not continuously checked and evaluated by people. This is also not always necessary - because if the stream of a current movie on a relevant piracy platform appears in the search index, there is hardly anything wrong with the blocking. However, there is also a greater amount of controversial or unnecessary requests.

Sender unclear

In such cases, the algorithm sorts them into a waiting list that is gradually processed by appropriately trained Google employees. It is the same in this case. The operator of the site can now wait and see how the search engine company's referees decide. Probably nothing will happen, but if it does, you could get involved in a longer contradiction discussion.

In the present case, however, the origin of the lock request is interesting. This didn't come from Disney as the producer of the series. Instead, the sender is a company called GFM Film. However, there are several of them - both a German camera outfitter who was involved in the shoot and a British film distributor. From the previously available blacklist, it is not clear which sender TorrentFreak could contact.

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