Microsoft Accounts: Two significant changes are coming in mid-June

The Redmond-based group is constantly adjusting its terms of use and service contracts, most of these changes are of a "cosmetic" nature. But occasionally one can discover significant adjustments in the updated texts - like now.

The Microsoft service contract consists of around 15,000 words and more than 100,000 characters, so it is a "work" that very few people will read through voluntarily. Of course, like most such texts, it is of great importance to the user. Microsoft is constantly adapting its service contract and luckily you don't have to read it through in full to find out what is new or what has been changed.

Because in such cases the Redmond-based company publishes a summary of the changes (via Dr. Windows) and this is in the updated version interesting for Microsoft users in two ways. On the one hand, you can close an account immediately after it comes into force on June 15, 2021, on the other hand, commercial users and non-profit organizations with Microsoft accounts will have to adjust them.

Immediately or 30 or 60 days

In the middle of June, you can close your account immediately or suspend it for a period of 30 or 60 days. Microsoft said: "You have the opportunity to decide otherwise. After this 30 or 60-day period, your Microsoft account will be closed. If you sign in again within this period, your Microsoft account will be restored activated." So far, deletion has always been associated with a 60-day transition period.

The second major adjustment concerns the commercial use of Microsoft accounts, which are only intended for personal use. So far, this was only a theory, because Microsoft did not check it. With a new passage, the Redmond group is now protecting itself against possible claims for damages in connection with the EECC directive if an actually private account is not used as intended.

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