WhatsApp: Transfer of the chat history between Android and iOS is coming

WhatsApp is and remains a standard for communication despite small and large exciters, and it is accordingly important for many to secure the chat history. But you can't take it with you when you change platforms. But that should come soon.

If you switch from Android to iOS and vice versa, you have to change in many ways. With many apps, however, you can perform a cloud-based migration and thus do not lose any data. But this does not apply to WhatsApp. And although you can conveniently save the chats of the most popular mobile messenger in the West in the cloud, these backups cannot be transferred across platforms.

According to a report by WABetaInfo (via 9to5Mac) that will probably change soon, because the app belonging to Facebook will soon offer the possibility to use the chat history on different platforms. This is not only interesting for those who switch from one system to the other, but also for those who want to use WhatsApp on multiple devices.

A WhatsApp account just in case

In the future, WhatsApp will offer a feature that many have long and loudly demanded, namely the use of one account on multiple devices. And thanks to the inter-compatibility between iOS and Android, it will also be possible to use iPhone and a device with the Google OS in this way.

It is already possible to migrate from one operating system to the other, but this is neither (technically) officially supported, nor is it allowed in terms of use. WABetaInfo now also shows a screenshot that confirms a migration from iOS to Android, it will certainly also be possible to switch from Android to iOS with a chat history.

It is currently not known when this functionality will actually come, but it usually doesn't take too long after such information has appeared on WABetaInfo.

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