Google announces new features for its assistant (Google Assistant), now you can find a lost iPhone

Those of Mountain View have announced several novelties to get more out of the assistant.

The Google assistant has become one of the Mountain View company programs most used by users on the market, simply because all Android users carry it on their mobiles. But it is an assistant that is available on a multitude of devices, and that now releases new functions, which have precisely been announced by Google and which include some that many users have been waiting for a long time. In fact, one of the most interesting is going to benefit iPhone users precisely.

What functions does the assistant launch?

It has been Google itself that has announced on its blog the news that reaches its assistant, which is present in hundreds of millions of devices. The first and most outstanding is that its popular function to find our mobile is now also compatible with the iPhone, so if you have one of these mobiles you can also ask the assistant to locate the phone at home or at the office. As with Android phones, the iPhone will ring even if it is completely muted.

Another novelty has to do with the purchase of food at home. Since now the assistant makes use of its Duplex technology to be able to order it and complete the purchase for us. Duplex is the same system that makes calls to the hairdresser, for example, and requests appointments for us, talking to people thanks to artificial intelligence. A feature that is currently not available in Spain, so it will be necessary to wait until at least it arrives to enjoy this.

Google has also announced the worldwide availability of new routines. These are two new routines designed to offer functionalities related to sunrise or sunset. To do this, you will have to click on the "New" tab within the routine tab and choose one of the new routines for sunset or sunrise. These functions are available to all users worldwide, therefore also for Spain. Another novelty has to do with routines too, with groupings of our favorite routines. Now we can perform several actions with a single command that we have previously chosen. And we can also add these sets of routines to the home screen of our phone to activate them in an instant.

Finally, Google has announced that we can ask more questions about the Oscars 2021 award ceremony. Google has announced that we will be able to ask the attendee various questions about the most important film event of the year. With questions about the nominees, when it is held, and even access predictions about which are the favorite films, actors, or directors to receive one of these awards. We can also enjoy our minute of glory by asking the assistant to give us an award from the academy for some imaginary role that we have invented. Without a doubt, the possibility of finding the iPhone is the most outstanding feature that the assistant will offer us in the immediate future.

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