Nvidia ShieldBook could be the brand's next ARM laptops

Nvidia could be working on an upcoming range of ARM-powered notebooks from MediaTek, posing a threat to all those notebooks with Intel and AMD CPUs.

The green team is working with MediaTek to design an ARM SoC CPU laptop with GeForce integrated graphics. In this way, Nvidia will not use AMD or Intel processors to create their own 'gaming' laptops.

Nvidia's purchase of ARM is not complete yet, but Nvidia already has plans to use all the technology that entails, including its own Grace processor. The ARM-based Grace processor is dated to 2023 in hopes of combining an ARM CPU and a GeForce GPU. Nvidia's plans and ARM technology don't end there, with the intention of creating their own gaming laptops.

"MediaTek is the world's largest supplier of ARM chips, which are used to power all types of devices, from smartphones, Chromebooks and Smart TVs," says MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai in a statement on Engadget. “We are looking forward to using our technology and working with NVIDIA to bring the power of GPUs to the ARM PC platform for gaming, content creation, and much more. GPU acceleration will be a huge boost to the entire ARM ecosystem. "

ARM's x86 emulation is a seemingly viable alternative to x86 silicon, especially with Apple's new M1 chip, offering superior autonomy without a huge performance sacrifice.

When could the 'ShieldBooks' arrive? it is difficult to be sure. We will keep you informed.

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