Check If You Have Been Affected By Recent Facebook Data Leak Here at Have I Been Pwned? [Update: Now Check With Phone Numbers]

[Update 06-04-2021]: As of today, not only the e-mail address but also the telephone numbers can be checked. The international format, for example, + 919856523214, must be used for the telephone numbers. This means, the ISD code of the country followed by your 10 digits mobile number that is associated with the Facebook account. You can enter any one of the following to check:

  • the email address associated with Facebook suspecting compromised
  • the mobile number associated with Facebook suspecting compromised

[Original 05-04-2021]: We reported a huge leak of  533 million Facebook users' data that has been published online. This includes information such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and much more. It looks like no passwords.

Troy Hunt, known from the site, looked at the data set and fished out 2.5 million e-mail addresses that he integrated into the database. As he writes, 65% of them were already in the database.

With the phone numbers contained, he is not yet sure whether he wants or should also put them in a database for a test. There were two records, one here and one here. For the second record he only tweeted:

“The second record is not nearly as consistent as the first, with colon delimiters, comma delimiters, headers, no headers, enclosed in quotation marks, not enclosed in quotation marks, different field orders, + in front of the number, no + in front of the number. Hackers have no attention to detail! "

If you want to check your email address, you can do so on this page: Either the email address is compromised and you get an "Oh no - pwned!" Or the email address gets a "Good news - no pwnage found!". Then everything is fine.

If the address is in circulation, you should think about changing the password. With the phone numbers that have now come into circulation, there may well be an increased volume of spam with SMS in the near future.


As you see in the image above, when I checked my email with the "" site, I found that my email address has been pwned as shown above. Still, I am not worried because of one thing, that is, I have already enabled a Two-Step-Verification using Google Authenticator that ensures login to my Facebook account using a Security Code generated by Authenticator App every time I use to login. Because of this precaution, I feel safe.

However, if you have not taken any such precaution and you see the message as I got, then you should take this precaution given below immediately.

2 Steps to better security

Step 1: Protect yourself by generating and save strong passwords for each website.

Step 2: Enable 2-factor authentication and store the codes inside your 1Password account.

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