[Android] Google wins legal battle against Oracle over Java API usage

After Oracle took over Sun Microsystems as a Java developer in 2010, the legal dispute against Google began. Google was sued for using Java in Android.

It was said at the time that they lost $ 8.8 billion in sales and $ 475 million in royalties as a result. In 2016, Oracle suffered its first defeat. The court ruled at the time that using the Java APIs was fair use. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit then overturned that judgment.

You know Google, they don't let it sit down and have turned to the Supreme Court. With their verdict, they have now sided with Google after three years. The result was 6: 2. In the judgment it says:

“We conclude that in this case, where Google has redesigned a user interface and only took what was needed to allow users to apply what they had learned to a new and changed program, that was copying the Sun Java API was a lawful use of this material by Google."

This litigation is now also over. The extent to which it would have otherwise had to be analyzed over time.

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