Lawsuit against Google, $ 5,000M for tracking users in Incognito Mode is accepted

In June 2020, we already warned you that Google is facing a lawsuit of 5 billion dollars for monitoring users incognito. It has taken almost a year for this lawsuit to be accepted, so now Google is officially facing a large fine for violating the privacy of millions of users by tracking their movements online despite using the popularly known as Mode of Incognito.

The lawsuit was originally filed last year, in the summer, and suggested that Google collected data even when users were in incognito mode, which defeats the purpose of the mode as it is supposed to hide browsing. In this way, Google tracked and collected consumer browsing history and other data from web activity, regardless of the safeguards consumers adopt to protect the privacy of their data.

According to the lawsuit filed, websites use Google tools to track and collect browsing data even when users deny Chrome browsers to do so. In addition, applications linked to services such as Google Analytics can also be used to collect the same data, even when browsing is done on your Android devices.

"Google did not notify users that it is engaged in alleged data collection while the user is in private browsing mode, " said Judge Lucy Koh. The $ 5 billion lawsuit is for damages for each potentially affected user. Meanwhile, Google continues to hold its ground and talks about notifying those using Incognito Mode that " websites could collect information about your browsing activity ."

Now we only have to wait to see if Google is finally forced to pay the fine or if its lawyers get extra pay.

Way back in March 2020

Google is facing a proposed class-action lawsuit accusing the giant of illegally violating the privacy of millions of users. This is being done through the widespread tracking of your web browsers even though they are being used in incognito or private mode.

The report suggests that the lawsuit in question seeks at least $ 5 billion. In this, the parent company, Alphabet Inc, is accused of collecting information related to what people browse on the Internet, as well as where they browse despite being in incognito mode.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in San Jose, California, Google is collecting data through various means such as Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, as well as other applications and web plugins. This "helps the search engine to know users' friends, their hobbies, as well as their favorite products, their shopping habits, as well as the most intimate and potentially embarrassing things that users look for on the Internet," the report says.

In addition, the complaint also states that Google "cannot continue to participate in the covert and unauthorized collection of data from virtually every American with a computer or phone."

Incognito mode or private browsing is considered the safest and most intimate method out of prying eyes. However, its authenticity has been questioned time and again by security researchers. The lawsuit is currently seeking damages of $ 5,000 per user for the violation of federal wiretapping laws as well as California privacy laws.

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