New free courses from LinkedIn and Microsoft to fight salaries of $ 170,000: They are settled in a few months and are for everyone

Job search platform LinkedIn, Microsoft, European and American universities relaunched their courses in 2021. How to sign up and which ones are already available.

The courses and online racing 100% remote here to stay. Due to the confinement, platforms such as edX and Coursera saw a 640% growth in registrations. This year, the trend will continue: different American and European universities together with large companies are already betting on this format to train students. One by one, what courses can be taken in this first part of the year.

Microsoft's cloud computing service Azure Cloud launched a 100% free program called "Azure Cloud Advocates ." It is a 12-month curriculum consisting of 24 lessons with basic concepts on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

The community of Argentine women specialized in technology, AsaditoJS, explains through Twitter that this course has "questionnaires before and after each lesson and written instructions to complete the lesson." It is now available by clicking on this link.

In Argentina, according to the latest Sysarmy salary survey, a junior developer earns $ 69,000 a month while a semi-senior and senior professional earns $ 140,000 a month.

Financial Analysis

This new LinkedIn course teaches the fundamentals of accounting, finance, business analysis with digital tools like Office 365 in just 24 hours of content. In addition, it teaches specialized Excel for finance and data analysis for beginners. With this course, LinkedIn seeks to train students in skills demanded by the job market. According to Argentine technology collective Sysarmy, data management is a growing area and the trend towards this segment will continue to rise.

This program is free and the learning itinerary can be started by clicking here.

Expert in Digital Marketing

Job search platform LinkedIn unveiled a series of free courses that will be available until March 31. Among them, they announced a short training lasting just one day on online marketing plans and content creation. More than 40,000 users signed up and it will be valid until the end of the month by clicking here.

According to salary site Glassdoor, the average base salary for a digital marketer is around $ 79,000 per month. Currently, companies such as Google, Mercado Libre, and Globant are looking for these profiles in Argentina.

Data Science

Recently, the University of San Diego, United States, opened registrations for a free course on statistics, data science, and probabilistic using the Python programming language. The course will train advanced students in machine learning and statistics. It is free and it is already possible to register at this link.

In Argentina, a junior data science professional with little or no experience can earn up to $ 104,000 a month, according to the latest Sysarmy community salary survey. Meanwhile, a semi-senior or senior professional exceeds $ 170,000.

Hacker Thinking

The Carlos III University of Madrid together with the Inter-American Development Bank designed a course on the foundations and pillars of cybersecurity. "Learn to think like a hacker, but act as a cybersecurity expert," they introduce.

This program is 100% free and lasts for six weeks. In total, it takes around five hours a week and students will learn computer forensics, reverse engineering, vulnerability management, and malware.

These professionals are sought after by companies such as Telecom, Telefónica, HSBC, Grupo Arcor, Accenture, Despegar, among others. Salaries range from $ 50,000 to over $ 100,000 a month, according to salary comparison site Glassdoor.

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