The world's first supersonic unmanned combat drone exceeds 2,400 km / h

Kelley Aerospace announced that it is the world's first supersonic unmanned combat drone, Arrow. Although its size is much larger compared to a conventional drone, the strength of this combat aircraft is that it can exceed the speed of sound, reaching an astonishing Mach 2.1.

In data that are easier to interpret, the company indicates that it can exceed a speed of 2,400 km / h, so the company has already announced that it had received more than 100 advance orders despite the fact that the price of the aircraft reaches 16 million dollars, which is considered a " relatively low price " for this type of drone in question.

The drone, made entirely of carbon fiber, is not only extremely fast, but is also built for multiple combat or reconnaissance functions. The carbon fiber and monocoque design give the Arrow extraordinary strength and stiffness.

"The Arrow is designed to complement manned aircraft and be a force multiplier on the air battlefield. It is designed to reduce radar surface area and infrared footprint."

As if that wasn't impressive enough, the Arrow has a flight range of 4,810 km and is capable of taking off with a maximum weight of 16,800 kg without affecting its Mach 2.1 speed. If we add to this that it can be piloted autonomously, or by remote control from the ground since it implies having a ship capable of spending many hours in the air without the pilot's fatigue is a concern.

Kelley Aerospace also announced that it is studying the development of a supersonic business jet. Apparently, two prototypes of the plane are being tested in the United States and Sweden.

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