Twitter Down: Something is technically wrong with Twitter today! Problem persist for more than 5 hours and still continues

[Update 17-04-2021 08:30 PM] At this moment Twitter seems to be working normally and the problems which have been appearing since the last couple of hours have gone away. I am able to login without any problem as well as post tweets with ease.

[Update 17-04-2021 05:35 PM] At this moment Twitter has started showing another error. After you put in the id and password and click on the login button you will see a page where it gives you an error "Error, Something went wrong, but don’t fret — it’s not your fault. Let’s try again." and below this, you see refresh and logout button.

[Original 17-04-2021 12:08 PM] Twitter is not letting users login since morning and it still continues even now. I last tried to login at 8:00 AM in the morning and by the time I am writing this review, it still shows the same error. Let me show you the error that Twitter shos me every time I am trying to access my account.

The mechanic looks awesome, but not able to fix things for a long time. However, Twitter informed about this at around 6:31 AM via a tweet that "Tweets may not be loading for some of you. We’re working on fixing a problem and you’ll be back on the timeline soon."

Twitter faced a massive outage earlier today with over 71,000 users reporting the issue on the outage monitoring website DownDetector. During the outage, users were able to access the app with cached posts visible, however, they could not post new tweets, or even like, retweet, or comment on the older ones. The issue reportedly mainly affected the eastern half of the US. 

However, in a tweet from DownloadDetector.Com, it was reported that Around 40,000 users reported issues with the social media platform Friday and that still continues on Saturday.

As per the DownDetector website, most Twitter users started reporting problems just before 5:30AM IST. Some of the reports claim that there were more than 40,000 people that complained about Twitter not working.

The company has not revealed the reason behind the outage, however, it is expected that the company could be facing technical issues with its servers.

There are still a number of users complaining about the outage detection website that they still cannot tweet, however, the number of reports has massively subsided with only around 500 reports being lodged between the time intervals.

To recall, back in October, the company faced a similar outage that lasted for over two hours. At that time the company revealed that the outage was caused due to inadvertent changes made to its systems, which were then reverted by the team.

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