How To Receive And Make Phone Calls On Your Windows 10 Computer Using Your Android Phone

If you own a computer with Windows 10 operating system and an Android smartphone operating system then, you might be thinking of connecting them together to make calls right on Windows 10, instead of on smartphones. If so, please follow the article below.

Step 1: Installing Required Software

First of all, an application must be installed on your computer Your Phone. Install Your Phone service on Windows 10 computer.

  • Click on the "Get" button to start the install process which is automated.
  • After installation is complete, open the app and initiate the process of linking your phone and computer.
  • Click on the phone link.
  • You need to enter the exact phone number of your individuals in => and press the "Send" button to send. Remember to choose your country's ISD code and country name, for example, +91 India.
  • A message containing a link to install the application on your phone will be sent to your phone. Please access to install the application.
  • Click to start the "Install".
  • From your phone, connect to your personal computer.
  • Click Continue to continue and finally allow them to be interconnected.

So we have successfully installed the service Your Phone on both computers and phones. Now let's try it out for a bit.

To summarize, you must:

  • Must have a Microsoft account.
  • Install Your Phone app on Windows 10: Here!
  • Install Your Phone Companion application - Link to Windows: Here!

And to make calls, your devices must meet the following conditions:

  • Make sure your phone has enough money to make calls, if not, buy a recharge card.
  • The Windows 10 operating system that you are using must be Windows 10 May 2019 or later (i.e. 1903 or later), and Bluetooth is still working fine. If you do not have one, get the desired Windows 10 Version here.

NOTE: To access the Bluetooth manager, you can press the key combination Windows + A to open the window Notifications.

  • Smartphones must use Android operating system version 7.0 or higher.

Step 2: Setting Up PC and Mobile to Initiate Calls

Steps to make calls on the computer using Your Phone. During the process of installing the application on your computer or phone, if you encounter notices about granting some access rights to your smartphone, please agree!

++ Setup on phone ++

For example, in the image below, tap Allow giving the app the right to make and manage phone calls.

You must also give it access to your contacts so you can access them on your PC.

It is also important that you allow Android apps to run in the background. This ensures a stable connection between your phone and PC. Click Allow to continue.

Once the Android device setup is complete, you can switch to Windows to finish setting up calling.

++ Setup on computers ++

First, open the Your Phone app and press the Calls=> button and select is Get Started.

A window containing a Bluetooth PIN will pop up on your PC.

At the same time, a window containing the same PIN will also appear on your Android device. Check and click Yes on your PC => and click Pair on your Android device.

You can use this feature right away, but will only be able to dial it. To show call logs, you must grant permission on your phone by clicking Send Permission to continue.

A message will be displayed on your smartphone => you press Open to view.

Continue clicking Allow in the permissions pop-up. If you don't see the pop-up, you can manually grant permissions.

Implementation: Access to Settings=> Apps & Notifications=> See All Apps=> Your Phone Companion=> Permissions=> then select Allow in "Call Logs Access for This App".

Your recent calls will now be displayed in the Your Phone app on Windows 10.

To make a call from your PC, you can select a recent call => and click on the phone icon.

Alternatively, you can search the phonebook or use the dial pad, just like you would with a phone.

When you receive a phone call, a notification appears on your PC => and you can click Accept (Agree) or Decline (Reject) the call.

That's all the process of receiving phone calls from a Windows 10 computer. In short, you just need to link and sync your phone with Windows 10 through your Microsoft account using the Your Phone app.

OK, so I have very detailed instructions showing you how to use YOUR PHONE feature on Windows 10. Currently only available on Windows Insider version only, if you like the experience, you can always apply as the above guide for hot questions. Otherwise, please wait for the next official update from Microsoft.

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