TSMC and Intel say chip shortage could last until 2022

Intel and TSMC, two of the largest manufacturers in the world, have commented that problems with the shortage of chips worldwide are going to last.

Both TSMC and Intel agree that the current chip shortage could last until 2022 and possibly well beyond.

Wei replied, "Well, Gokul, let me answer the question carefully because… we can't rule out the possibility of an inventory correction or overbooking, something like that." It was CC Wei's answer to JP Morgan analyst Gokul Hariharan's question about the scarcity of compute nodes.

Wei continued, “We expect structural demand to continue and we will work closely with our customers to develop some technology solution that meets customer requirements and creates lasting value and differentiation for our customer. As a result, we see that the demand remains high. And the shortage will continue throughout this year and may also extend until 2022 ”.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has also commented on similar concerns to the Washington Post.

“We do believe that we have the ability to help,” Gelsinger explains. “I think there are a couple of years to go to be fully capable of fixing it. It only takes a couple of years to build capacity. "

These latest statements are more concerning than those of TSMC, because they suggest that stock problems could last longer than originally believed.

Both TSMC and Intel are spending huge sums of money on new facilities in order to make more chips. TSMC is said to be spending about $ 100 billion, while Intel is investing about $ 20 billion to build two new factories in Arizona.

In short, this does not look good, especially for the market for CPUs and graphics cards. We will keep you informed.

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