TeamGroup CARDEA A440, SSD with read speeds of 7000 MB / s

The CARDEA A440 PCIe 4.0 is the new NVMe SSD from T-FORCE brand, TEAMGROUP's gaming-focused sub- brand.

The new SSD may be one of the fastest drives in the segment, with read and write speeds of up to 7000MB / s and 6900MB / s, respectively.

CARDEA A440 uses an ultra-thin graphene heat sink that is composed of the best materials for thermal conductivity. Estimated to be 9% more efficient than a normal aluminum heatsink, TEAMGROUP ensures that your CARDEA A440 always has reasonable operating temperatures, avoiding thermal throttling.

As if that weren't enough, the CARDEA A440 features two of the industry's first interchangeable thermal modules.

By supporting PCIe 4.0 and the latest NVMe 1.4 standard, either 1 or 2 TB drives can achieve impressive read speeds of 7000MB / s. The speeds that we can obtain with this unit will serve us for any purpose, start our system more quickly, run games at a higher speed or transfer data.

TEAMGROUP added to the CARDEA A440 its latest technology called RRL (Read Recovery Level) that promises to improve the useful life of SSDs, which we remember have wear when writing and overwriting data. TG wants to improve the durability of SSDs with RRL. It also has the NVM and PLM (Predictable Latency Mode) feature set that reduces latency and wear and tear on reading and writing.

The TEAMGROUP T-FORCE CARDEA A440 will be available in May with a price tag of $ 229 for the 1TB variant and $ 429 for the 2TB variant.

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