New concept images: This is what the Nintendo Switch 2 (Pro) could look like

Based on current information and rumors, a new design concept for a possible Nintendo Switch 2 is emerging. The hybrid console expected as a Pro version will have a larger OLED display and will compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X in terms of performance.

The render images were created by the well-known YouTube channel Zone of Tech, which was able to publish suitable recordings of the development kit a year before the PlayStation 5 was launched. In contrast to the PS5 leak from 2019, the pictures that have now been brought to light do not show official images, but a first look at the possible optical features of a Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro. The focus is on the previously often discussed touch screen, which is expected this year with a larger 7-inch diagonal and OLED technology.

Large display, narrow frame, and better usability

If Nintendo meets the wishes of the designers, the new game console could appear with a greatly reduced screen frame and apparently slightly enlarged Joy-Con controllers. The latter has been criticized in the past mainly because of their drift problem and poor usability in the individual operation that is detached from the touchscreen. Many Switch users therefore resorted to Nintendo's Pro controller. Larger Joy-Cons could make the console much easier to use for adults. The basic design of these should be retained according to the concept.

Apart from the brightly colored choice of colors, they count YouTubers are furthermore with a significantly larger and therefore more stable kickstand with which the console can be jacked up on the table. Last but not least, the recently published video goes into the possible specifications of the Nintendo Switch 2 (Pro). While a 720p or 1080p resolution could be considered for the 7-inch display, rumors have spread over the past few weeks about an improved dock that will increase the performance of the hybrid console to 4K with new Nvidia chips and DLSS technology. and thus raise the next-gen level.

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