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A few weeks ago, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note series so-called “no-brainers” - smartphones that basically don't have to worry about whether they are worth their money or not. The Redmi Note 10 Pro in particular impressed with its triple-slot, fast processor, and 120Hz AMOLED display. Perfect for quickly navigating through menus and also perfect for the always-on function. But Xiaomi quickly messed up with users by only giving them an option to display 10 seconds instead of being able to leave it on all the time. But that is now changing again.

At least with the China version of the ROM, the other options have now been added, with which the display can actually work with the Always On Display and the notifications, the time and a picture or subject can also be displayed continuously. In the global variant of the ROM, the function is unfortunately not available even with the last update.

But why are we reporting on it when it only concerns the China ROM and not the global one? Well, some of you may still know that there is also the project, which takes the China ROM as a basis and optimizes and adapts it globally accordingly. And in this ROM with the number 12.0.12, the options are taken from the Chinese variant of the ROM. It looks like the following picture. On the left the old options, on the right the new ones:

How can I use the ROM?

Using the ROM requires knowledge of unlocking a smartphone, the installation of TWRP, a tool that is used for flashing ROMs, and tools/tweaks such as Magisk (= root access to the device), ADB knowledge, and the installation of ROMs via the tool. So a lot of what you have to acquire in terms of knowledge just to add a different piece of software. All the information that is required for this is listed here (English only) and this link will take you to the download of the ROM for the Redmi Note 10 Pro. Alternatively, the common search engines also have enough German instructions on how to install the

But then can't I need the Always-on Display “always-on”?

Yes, even with the global version of the ROM, the Always-on Display can light up all the time. To do this, however, the developer options must be activated on the device ( instructions here ) and then the MIUI optimizations (at the bottom) must be deactivated. The menu item in the Always On Display will not appear, but the display will remain on even if the 10 seconds option has been selected.

10 હજાર ફૂટ ની ઉંચાઈ પર ભારતમાં બનેલી આ છે દુનિયાની સૌથી લાંબી ટનલ

Switching off the MIUI optimizations, however, means that certain system apps and services may no longer run properly. The community disagrees as to which and whether this is generally the case because certain users report in forums that everything continues to work, while others are of the opinion that the battery drains faster, the device jerks more, and certain functions (e.g. copying text and pasting in other apps) no longer exist. Either way, deactivating the MIUI optimizations will remove all authorizations and you will be asked again for all apps that you call up whether you want to grant them or not. The MIUI optimizations can of course be reactivated at any time, but then the Always-on Display is a Sometimes on Display again - provided

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