Netac is developing the first 10 GHz DDR5 memories

Netac is a RAM memory manufacturer that recently entered the business and is willing to bet heavily on DDR5 memory with speeds up to 10 GHz.

DDR5 memory promises to double the memory speeds of DDR4 memory today. The first DDR5 models are going to have speeds of 4800 MHz at launch, but that will only be the tip of the iceberg, as speeds are expected to increase progressively after launch.

Micron has begun shipping the first shipment of the first DDR5 memory chips to memory module manufacturers, who will begin designing the first samples in the coming months. Several brands have already confirmed that the modules they are testing show promising results. For example, T-FORCE confirmed that DDR5 memory modules can operate with a voltage of 2.6 V, much higher than the 1.1 V that a DDR4 memory can have.

With the support of higher voltages, much higher clock speeds can be achieved. According to Netac, they are researching and developing DDR5 memory to reach 10,000 MHz (10 GHz). So far, we are aware that this new generation DDR4 could get speeds up to 8400 MHz, but not 10,000 MHz as in this report.

DDR5 memory will debut with Intel Core Alder Lake processors and AMD will do the same for the AM5 platform.

According to the report, the first batch of DDR5 memory that was sent to Netac modules are Z9ZSB of Micron. These modules have a capacity of 2Gx8 and timings of 40-40-40.

These memories should be released later this year. We will keep you informed.

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