LG Rollable mobile phone with scrolling screen passed NFC certification

On April 18th LG has warmed up a mobile phone called LG Rollable at CES. This is the first mobile phone with a scrolling screen. However, as LG announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone business, this very creative phone may die of its own.

However, some netizens recently exposed a picture of LG Rollable certified by NFC, which still gives everyone some hope.

The certification shows that the LM-R910VM device passed the NFC certification on January 5, 2021, which also indicates that LG Rollable will support NFC.

LG denied the rumors of development shelving in February this year, and since then, real photos of LG Rollable have been exposed. However, with the official announcement of the shutdown of the mobile phone business, everything has become confusing.

LG Rollable adopts what LG calls a "unique resizable screen". By sliding in and out to change the surface area, the screen can be transformed from the size of a mobile phone to the size of a small tablet. The size can be expanded from 6.8 inches to 7.4 inches.

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