Performance mode in Microsoft Edge as a new optimization

In Microsoft Edge, you can make a few changes in the settings under System so that the Edge browser uses less power, especially on mobile devices. The start boost is basically just an auto-start of the Edge so that it starts faster.

Sending tabs to sleep is a better way to reduce battery or power consumption. In the current Canary, there is now another function - the performance mode.

Here the browser itself takes on some of these functions. If the performance mode is activated, for example, the setting when a tab is sent to sleep is highlighted in gray. The description of this function states:

In performance mode, you can optimize speed, response speed, memory, CPU and battery utilization. Performance improvements may vary depending on your individual specifications and browsing habits.

I assume that the optimization is stronger here on a laptop than on a PC. But you can try that out once. The prerequisite is the current Canary version and if the setting is not yet available, then create a link to the Canary, right click Properties and under Target, a space behind the… ..exe“ and then copy this into it:

--enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle

If this function finds its way into the Edge, it will also be found in Edge Stable 91 in May. Before that, of course, in Edge Dev and Beta.

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