FRITZ! Box 6890, 6850, 6820 v1, v2 and v3 LTE with a new laboratory update

In addition to the final version for the Fritz! Box 7490, AVM has also made a new laboratory update for the FRITZ! Box 6890 LTE, 6850 LTE, 6820 v1, v2 and v3 LTE available for download.

Improvements from FRITZ! OS 7.24-876xx

  • Cellular: Improvement New modem firmware with various optimizations and improved stability
  • DSL: Fixed possible DSL instabilities since FRITZ! OS 7.21 for Keymile DSLAMs with Intel line cards


  • Fixed In certain constellations, a VPN connection no longer worked after fallback / refallback of the primary Internet connection in parallel or fallback mode
  • Fixed No IPv6 over LTE if LTE is the primary Internet connection in parallel or fallback mode
  • Fixed In provider tariffs for fallback or parallel operation, the TR069 service sometimes did not switch to the secondary interface if the primary Internet connection failed
  • Fixed No display of the IPv6 interface ID in the device share
  • Home network: Improved display of network connections optimized for larger networks
  • Further improvements in FRITZ! OS 7.24-876xx (within FRITZ! Labor)
  • DSL: Fixed Incomplete QLN and HLOG data sent to the carrier with negotiated VDSL-LR


  • SMS sending can only be changed if the "Additional confirmation" function is activated
  • Fixed VPN connections based on third-party solutions sometimes broke off after a long connection time
  • Fixed Pushmail for SMS contained a preceding '0' at the beginning of the message text


  • Improved stability increased
  • Fixed Possible problems when registering repeaters after changing the WLAN encryption from "WPA2 + WPA3" to "unencrypted"
  • Fixed The legend below the graphic "Allocation of WLAN channels" was not displayed in one line ("WLAN / radio channel" page)


  • Fixed After editing CompanyFlex Cloud PBX numbers, these numbers were no longer registered
  • Fixed No display of call blocks if they contained an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed Search in the phone book was possible by name, but not by phone number
  • Fixed The internal fax function cannot be set up if the phone book contained an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed When using encrypted telephony, the telephones on the FRITZ! Box could ring endlessly after the caller aborted a call before accepting the call
  • Fixed Three-party conference over an analog telephone did not work in isolated cases
  • DECT: Fixed After a long runtime it could happen that certain functions were no longer available (e.g. media player, update search ...)
  • Home network: Fixed Changing settings in the device details of certain network devices generated an unsuitable error message
  • System: Fixed Push Service: Various corrections to the content of the e-mail "Change notice"
  • The update comes automatically, as always, or can be downloaded from the AVM site, depending on the device.

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