FRITZ! Box 7490 gets the final FRITZ! OS 7.26

AVM has now also made the new FRITZ! OS 7.26 available for download as the final version of the FRITZ! Box 7490. As with the other boxes, there have been a number of improvements here too.

  • Right of way in the home office - prioritization of a computer for Internet access can be easily activated
  • FRITZ! Fon shows the weather forecast on the start screen
  • "Wake up / fall asleep" light sequence for the FRITZ! DECT 500 and compatible DECT LED lamps
  • Great room climate with FRITZ! DECT 440 - the humidity easily in view
  • FRITZ! Smart Home now also supports compatible roller shutter controls
  • For the fax machine integrated in the FRITZ! Box: Journal for received and sent faxes
  • Numerous improvements to the user interface for the use of the telephone book, call diversions and call barring

New functions in FRITZ! OS 7.26

  • Internet: NEW You can now easily activate the prioritization of a home network device on the FRITZ! Box user interface
  • NEW Fax function: Journal for received and sent fax messages
  • NEW Support for the business telephony platform "Telekom CompanyFlex" (SIP trunk and Cloud PBX)
  • DECT / FRITZ! Fon: NEW New start screen with current weather information
  • NEW FRITZ! DECT 440 measures air humidity and enables its display with the FRITZ! App Smart Home and FRITZ! Fon
  • NEW FRITZ! DECT 440 displays the QR code for easy access to the wireless guest access
  • NEW Switching the wireless guest access or answering machine on and off at the touch of a button on the FRITZ! DECT 440
  • NEW At the push of a button on FRITZ! DECT 440 or 400, an internal telephone rings and displays a short text
  • NEW Roller shutter control via FRITZ! DECT 440, FRITZ! Fon and the FRITZ! Box user interface
  • NEW "Wake up / fall asleep" light sequence for the FRITZ! DECT 500 and compatible DECT LED lamps via "automatic switching"

Further improvements in FRITZ! OS 07.26


  • Fixed VPN connections based on third-party solutions sometimes broke off after a longer connection time.Improvement of child protection: Tickets to extend surfing time if necessary can now be distributed more easily and also reset altogether
  • Improvement of the settings for the access profile in the parental control for assignment of devices enhanced
  • Improvement of the device status (active / not active) is displayed in the device selection for port forwarding
  • Improvement of the display of the port forwarding overview on mobile devices
  • Improved Independent port forwarding for a device is now permitted if the request is made via IPv6 for the IPv4 address of the device became - and vice versa
  • Improvement of the event message when port 80 is temporarily released for the issuance of a certificate for
  • Improvement of the robustness of DNS over TLS (DoT) Increased
  • Change In the online monitor, the utilization of the guest network is only displayed for the downstream
  • Fixed Display in the overview of port
  • releases corrected Fixed After updating from FRITZ! OS 7.03 or older, the IP address in MyFRITZ! Net (DynDNS) was not updated.
  • Fixed When the FRITZ! Box was operated behind certain cable modems, the Internet connection was briefly interrupted every 12 hours.
  • Corrected IP client via LAN operating mode with DHCP could not be set correctly in certain scenarios
  • Fixed Changes in access profiles were partially rejected without justification with the error message: "List of blocked network applications with the same ID already exists"
  • Fixed VPN connections via L2TP (including Windows 10) were unexpectedly slow
  • Fixed Repeated interruption and re-establishment of VPN connections after forced disconnection Fixed after reset The first configured VPN connection did not work with the factory settings. Corrected Formatting errors occurred when setting up IPv6 routes.
  • Corrected IPv6: After renewing the home network prefix, invalid IPv6 addresses for guest access were not deleted
  • Fixed IPv6: In IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) with option 25 (Recursive DNS Server) bits of the "Reserved" field were set in some cases . Corrected DNS requests of the "PTR" type were sometimes not correctly resolved.
  • Corrected After importing a configuration with an alternative LAN -ipv4 network in the setting acquisition remained the local DNS server in the old network
  • Fixed With selective acquisition of a saved configuration not originally configured push mails were taken
  • Fixed Extended support sending data did not trigger push mail from
  • Fixed the TR-064 parameters "WANAccess" was possibly wrong ("granted") if no WAN was available when restarting
  • Fixed Extended failure protection with cellular sticks in modem mode was without function when using an ADSL connection
  • Fixed Extended failure protection with cellular sticks and Internet access via WAN / LAN 1 was not started under certain initial conditions at the time of activation Fixed Online monitor for cellular networks sometimes did not show any data when the "Extended failure protection" setting was activated


  • Improvement Improved auto channel function after detection of sources of interference (5 GHz band)
  • Improvement Revision of the "WLAN / radio channel" page
  • Improvement of messages for WLAN under "System / Events" improved
  • Improvement Detection of several parallel WPS activations improved
  • Improvement New message Under "System / Events" when the maximum number of WLAN repeaters is exceeded
  • Improvement Naming of the WLAN guest access (SSID, default) depending on the language
  • selection Change In the "Mesh Repeater" operating mode, only WLAN radio networks are included when the Mesh Master is selected visible name displayed
  • Fixed Incorrect display of the channel bandwidth when connected to the HUAWEI P30
  • Fixed After the FRITZ! OS update, no WiFi channels and, under certain circumstances, no radio networks in the area were displayed on the "WiFi / Radio
  • Channel" page. Fixed Activating WPS directly after starting the Mesh Master led to non-DBDC uplinks more frequently Mesh Repeater
  • Fixed Incorrect event under "System / Events" with WPS during the DFS waiting time


  • Improvement Improved information about an active takeover of settings for a FRITZ! Box as Mesh Repeater Fixed Incorrect formatting in the mobile view of the "Mesh Settings" page on a FRITZ! Box in "Mesh Repeater"
  • mode Fixed Settings for the WLAN timing could be found under Can not be changed if the "FRITZ! Box as Mesh Repeater" setting was used.
  • Fixed With a FRITZ! Box that was set as a Mesh Master but not as a router (DHCP server), the name and IP address of the Do not change the router
  • Fixed The display of the WLAN channel bandwidth in the user interface could differ from the Mesh Repeater on the Mesh Master


  • Improving voice quality for calls in mobile networks and abroad increased enhancement settings pages for call forwarding and call barring completely revised
  • Improvement diversions offer option selected calls to a particular phone to the FRITZ! Box redirect!
  • Improving representation and management of entries in telephone directories completely revised (including photo visible in the overview, columns can be selected for display, multiple selection as well as copying and moving entries between phone books added)
  • Improvement of the initial setup assistant offers the setup of a telephone
  • Improvement If the country is set to Germany and the phone number is set up automatically by the provider, the area code contained therein is automatically recognized and transferred to the connection settings .
  • Improvement After opening all newly received fax documents in the fax journal, the "Info" LED no longer flashes
  • Improvement Settings for sending and receiving faxes summarized under "Telephony / Telephony Devices"
  • Improvement Added setting for using the internal fax machine to "Only send faxes"
  • Improvement Supports integration of multiple CardDAV telephone books
  • Improved compatibility with encrypted telephony increased
  • Improved compatibility of the SIP registrar of the FRITZ! Box with the LinPhone SIP client increased
  • Improving compatibility with telephony providers Easybell and VoIPfoneUK increased
  • Improvement forwarding of IP phones from Snom calls adopted is without consultation supports
  • Improvement hide the "E-mail" and "RSS" tab in the "Telephony / Telephony Devices" if DECT is off
  • Improvement Stability
  • Change Adaptation to the changed behavior of the T-Net-Box when rejecting calls e.g. B. in the context of call blocks
  • Fixed The Internet address of the CardDAV server could not be changed retrospectively in online telephone books Fixed On a FRITZ! Box used as a Mesh Repeater for telephony, the phone numbers transferred from the Mesh Master could be edited and new phone numbers created
  • Fixed Telephone numbers of provider 1 & 1 could no longer register after editing via "Other provider"
  • Fixed Telekom SIP trunk account could not be deactivated
  • Fixed Integration of online phone books from certain CardDAV providers failed with error code 26
  • Fixed With integrated iCloud phone books (Apple )
  • First and last names were sometimes displayed in inconsistent order Fixed When synchronizing entries in online phone books (CardDAV), all e-mail addresses were deleted in certain constellations
  • Fixed Certain phone numbers were temporarily not registered (including Sipgate, EnviaTel, Teledate)
  • Fixed connection interruptions after approx. 30 seconds with TLSonly-secured telephony connections (including KPN)
  • Fixed With telephony via IPv6, only one-sided voice transmission ran in certain constellations.
  • Fixed Unsuitable presetting for telephony
  • provider Vodafone Italy. Fixed. Registration of phone numbers with telephony profile for provider Vodafone Italia was not possible.
  • Fixed Sporadic errors when faxing over T.38 connections.
  • Fixed No waiting announcement after resetting to factory settings
  • Fixed Pick-up on IP telephones not possible for longer than 4 seconds
  • Fixed After sending a fax, a recipient selected via the phone book was not displayed by name in the call list
  • Fixed Editing of door intercoms sometimes led to the loss of the e-mail notification for door intercoms
  • Fixed After importing answering machine settings including saved messages into another FRITZ! Box model, some of the imported messages could not be played back afterwards.
  • Fixed incorrect ringing sequences for country setting Australia Fixed Sporadic loss of the time switching settings for the answering machine after updating the FRITZ! OS
  • * * Fixed - When using encrypted telephony, after a call was aborted by the caller before the call was accepted, the telephones on the FRITZ! Box could ring endlessly. Fixed - Three-way conference calls via an analog phone did not work in isolated cases
  • Fixed - The internal fax function cannot be set up if the phone book contained an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed - Call barring was not displayed if it contained an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed - After editing CompanyFlex Cloud PBX phone numbers, these numbers were no longer registered
  • Fixed - Search in the phone book was possible by name, but not by phone number

Home network:

  • Improving display of network connections in very large networks accelerated
  • Improvement Leaving the device details is an indication to the modified device name only if the name was actually changed
  • Change When setting an individual name for the FRITZ! Box is the name of the working group of the home network share (! "USB / storage") unchanged
  • Fixed In the device details of guest devices, the section for the device lock was displayed, although the function is reserved for home network devices.
  • Fixed Changed IP settings of the FRITZ! Box were not offered for printing.
  • Fixed Time synchronization (NTP) was in certain scenarios unstable


  • Improvement of the template for a quick change of the color setting and the brightness with FRITZ! DECT 500


  • Improvement Several files can be marked with the shift key on
  • fritz.nas Fixed The home network share of a network drive (SMB) was not visible in Windows Explorer under Network
  • Fixed Data transfer via network drive function (SMB) failed with the Windows error message "STATUS_NO_MEMORY"
  • Fixed Online storage was sometimes not reconnected after a forced DSL disconnection


  • Improvement In the user interface, a password can be made visible when it is entered (eye symbol)
  • Improvement Security query when leaving a page without saving the changed settings
  • Improvement Saving and restoring settings, expanded to include telephony data from the internal memory of the FRITZ! Box ( ringtones, phonebook images, voice messages)
  • Improvement in the user interface, the list of events of the FRITZ! box are simply copied from the print version in the clipboard
  • Improve detail corrections in the "diagnostics / function" in the area of mesh and USB
  • Improvement improvements in ease of use in the initial setup
  • Improvement status overview page within the initial setup will improve the wizard for initial setup can be interrupted and resumed
  • Improve after delivery of support data to AVM, a second delivery is possible after completion of the transmission without waiting
  • Change switch to "Level III: About new FRITZ inform OS versions and new versions automatically (Recommended) "is only offered to update if before the update" stage II: OS versions informed and necessary install updates automatically "was used to set new FRITZ
  • Change assignment of an email address to a User will be eliminated in the future (existing email addresses will be retained with Upate)
  • Change The previously not recommended option of logging in to a FRITZ! Box (user interface) without a password is no longer supported
  • User with the name "fritz" and a random four-digit number as well as the FRITZ! Box password are automatically created. To log in to the user interface in the home network, it is still sufficient to enter the FRITZ! Box password. * 2
  • Fixed FRITZ! Box users could not be sorted in the overview.
  • Fixed Podcast settings were not imported into another FRITZ! Box model when restoring settings
  • Fixed Parental control access profiles with blocked applications were not available after restoring settings.
  • Fixed Number of messages in "System / Events" was too low in some areas.
  • Fixed Display of the installation date for the last update was not correct in certain scenarios

Mobile communications:

  • Improvement New option for the generic integration of variants of known mobile communications sticks "Compatibility mode for mobile communications sticks" Improvement of the country-specific
  • list of mobile communications providers when using the FRITZ! Box with a USB mobile communications
  • stick (not for mobile communications boxes ) Improvement of detailed optimizations for the "Extended failure protection" setting
  • Improvement of mobile communications providers " Magenta Mobil “for country Austria added.
  • Improved support for USB cellular stick Huawei E3372h-320

The update comes automatically or can be downloaded from the AVM website. We have of course adapted our update overview for the various AVM devices at the same time.

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