Bloodborne could hit PC in September after Days Gone

After the confirmation that Days Gone was going to be released on PC this year, a leak from an apparently reliable source ensures that Bloodborne will be another of the exclusive Sony PlayStation video games that will be released on the computer.

The source states that Sony is preparing a remastering of Bloodborne to be released on PC and PlayStation 5 and that the game will be released in September.

@CrazyLeaksOnATrain already predicted that Kingdom Hearts would come to PC as an Epic Games exclusive and that other video games like Nioh 2 or the remastered Ninja Gaiden trilogy would come out on PC.

Sony's plan is to launch different PlayStation 4 video games on PC, which began with the releases of Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Beyond Human and the confirmation of Days Gone. There is talk of games like Bloodborne, God of War and Ghost Of Tsushima, which were some of the most important releases on the PlayStation platform.

Sony could be radically changing its strategy for its own video games and franchises, making them have a launch for PC and not only for their video consoles. This strategy has already been implemented by Microsoft, which has been launching its video games on PC and Xbox consoles for several years.

A remastering of Bloodborne would be very welcome for PC players, who can enjoy the title without the limitations of a PlayStation 4, such as 4K resolutions and 60 frames per second.

While Bloodborne would be dated for the month of September, Days Gone has a release date on PC for April 29.

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