Xiaomi will create a subsidiary of electric vehicles with an investment of 10 billion dollars

Xiaomi announced today its intention to enter the world of electric vehicles through the big door, and for this, it will make an investment of no less than 10 billion dollars over the next 10 years to make it a reality, this implies an initial version of 1,500 million dollars per year, so it seems that the rivalry of the smartphone manufacturers will move to vehicles, where Apple is already preparing everything to also reach that market, and Huawei is following the same steps.

Unlike its future competitors, at least Xiaomi already has some experience with its scooters or electric bicycles, and that is that an electric vehicle is not far from these vehicles, since, in a very fast simile, they only have to increase the size of motors, batteries, adapting the software to the needs of a vehicle and all this stuffing it into a chassis that protects the driver.

While Huawei is known to have been in talks with Changan Automobile (a state-owned automaker), BluePark New Energy Technology, and other potential partners to develop its vehicle, it is unknown for now who Xiaomi will partner with to create its first vehicle. electric, although knowing a good deal with the current companies, the batteries would be provided by Samsung SDI or LG, while entertainment can be provided by its partner Harman Kardon.

Xiaomi's brief announcement of its plans to enter the electric car business

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