Trust IRIS, solution for video conferencing with wide angle camera

Trust IRIS is a novel solution for video conferencing for any office or professional room, consisting of a 4K camera designed for meetings between several people.

The Trust IRIS system works on any computer and is compatible with the main video conferencing applications that exist at the moment, such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. With IRIS it is possible to easily focus between 2 and 8 people with a safe distance from each other.

To achieve this, the IRIS camera has a 120 ° wide-angle lens and also adds a facial recognition system. The system also emphasizes sound with a set of built-in microphones (4 in total) that pick up sound from up to 5 meters away. CelarSound noise cancellation technology is also present to deliver crystal clear voices without background noise. If the distance of 5 meters is not enough, more microphones can be added to the array to cover greater distances.

Trust uses its patented Clearview technology that is combined with the wide angle lens to frame all participants (up to 8 in the same room) while maintaining social distance. Meanwhile, Face Tracking technology helps to automatically control the tilt and shift so that you perfectly frame the person speaking. The unit comes with a remote control to control the camera and make these settings manually.

The price for Trust's IRIS is currently 799 euros. The figure seems lower than that of other similar solutions. You can see more information on the official Trust website.

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