These are the three reasons why iPhone users switch to Android

It is nothing new for anyone that currently there are only two major mobile operating systems. The iOS that powers Apple's iPhone and Google's Android is present in the vast majority of all other smartphones.

A recent study found that iPhone owners are extremely loyal to the brand. However, there are three main reasons why iPhone users switch to Android. So let's get to know them.

The war between iOS and Android users has been more heated than it is today. However, even so, in topics involving the two mobile operating systems, there is always room for small healthy discussions and others that evolve into something more excessive.

IOS is the system present only on Apple's mobile devices, while Android has most other smartphones.

There is, however, a recent study by SellCell that surveyed 5,000 Americans about their loyalty to equipment brands. For this study, iPhone and Samsung users were used as a reference to represent Android.

The results are clear and loyalty to the iPhone reached a historical record of 91.9%, up 1.4% compared to 2019. In turn, currently, the loyalty of Android users on Samsung is 74%, down 11.7% % compared to 85.7% in 2019.

On the other hand, iPhone users praise Apple for the quality of smartphones and the long-term support of older models. And 10% said that the transition to Android is very problematic. However, there are still those who change.

The three reasons why users switch from iPhone to Android

According to users who switched from iPhone to Android, there are three main reasons for this decision.

The main reason is that users say that Android smartphones offer better technologies, such as the screen, cameras and battery. The second biggest reason is that users prefer the design of other brands. And finally, they confess that they prefer the operating system of other brands.

In turn, if they had to switch to another brand, almost half of iPhone users say they would choose Samsung and 35% would choose Google products.

The survey also found which smartphones are most popular today. In the first, the call was iPhone 12 with 17% of the choices, followed by iPhone 12 Pro Max with 12.7%, and in third place came the Samsung Galaxy S21, chosen by 11.4%.

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