Learn about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: In these places you can study from scratch and become an expert

Critpo finance-oriented postgraduate courses and courses are one more option to understand, know how it works and insert yourself into the industry.

Finishing a degree can be the culmination of a stage, but also the opportunity to specialize, especially in an era in which finance is changing its paradigms.

Although self-taught education prevails in cryptocurrency, more and more universities are venturing into teaching about currency operations such as Bitcoin and Ether.

The reason? Simple. A mechanical incorporating of the operation of these assets can comprise the majority of digital coins. 

Further, Ethereum opens the way to decentralized finance (DeFi), which allows understanding 4.0 investments.

In this context, the houses of higher learning are launching postgrads for those who want to enter the crypto world and improve their knowledge in a sector that demands professionalism and which, incidentally, are well paid.

What to study

One of the newest racing is what is giving the University of Palermo and Coursera together: A few weeks ago launched the first master's degree online in Management of Companies which includes, in addition, digital marketing, development of digital products, and Business Analytics.

Other than the institutions that teach about Bitcoin and Blockchain is the Universidad Tecnológica Argentina (UTN), with a course of 16 hours, which is offered by way online.

According to UTN, the content indicates that the basics of operation are understood by the cryptocurrencies, practical examples of trading (trade exchange and investment), and the interaction between these assets and banks.

For its part, the Universidad Catolica Argentina launched its ecosystem of Fintech Programs, the first to be launched in the country of the way online and through which passed both entrepreneurs and senior managers, regulators and legislators. This year it will open one on blockchain and crypto-assets.

"From the Universidad Catolica Argentina began to promote the academic, national and Latin American map in executive training on topics related to digital finance three years ago," says economist Ignacio E. Carballo, director of the Ecosystem of Fintech programs of the institution.

The educational projects of this house of higher studies involve different verticals of the digital transformation of finance such as cybersecurity, crystal banking (banks that provide services to fintech), traditional banking, blockchain, online payments, and virtual wallets.

Understanding Blockchain is vital for the business experts of the future

"In all of them they talk about the new money and the world of cryptocurrencies, their links, the opportunities and challenges for traditional finance and mainly for the FIAT system," says Carballo, alluding to the physical currencies commonly used.

In addition, Carballo says that as between content regulations treat, " they are members of the Central Bank of Argentina and scored the other countries of the region."

"We have trained managers from different nations and multilateral organizations. We always target the online and synchronous public, and our teachers are specialists in different branches of the economy. Both students and teachers have always been from different parts of the world," he adds.

The University Century 21 is another of the private institutions that have careers focused on these issues with its Program on Innovation and Management of Digital-Fintech Finance, which lasts for two months and is filed under virtual mode.

The plan of studies is separated into two blocks:

  • Blockchain: cryptocurrencies, real-world applications, digital wallets, algorithmic trading, among other topics
  • Fintech: digital banks, means of digital payments, crowdfunding, etc.

"People who enter the program do not necessarily have prior knowledge, but a strong interest in technology and how it applies to financial problems every day," she tells, coordinator of the Program in Innovation and Management of Finance Digital from Century University twenty-one.

Meanwhile, the University of the Center for Macroeconomic Studies of Argentina (UCEMA) also has directed courses at cryptocurrencies and chains of blocks.

"More than 200 students have already passed through the courses, with very varied profiles: engineers, lawyers and other professionals. In addition, we offer seminars, some open and others exclusively for students", tells Ariel Scaliter, director of blockchain and crypto-economics, a department created three years ago inside of the UCEMA.

"In 2020 we offered courses on finance and decentralized digital currency from the central bank. This year will incorporate a subject of Blockchain for courses monetization of data," says Scaliter.

Scaliter explains that the majority of students enter with the aim of understanding the ecosystem and the world of the fluid and decentralized finance that conforms around for blockchain.

"The subjects are taught in one quarter, once a week, and the way online. The problem with a college education is that it should have an academic depth adequate and every year we have to rearm programs because the contents vary all the time. This implies a lot of effort ", assures the specialist.

What job opportunity do you have

Once a culminates in these races you can start working in a company of technology or Fintech two of the sectors that grew in 2020 and promise to continue to do so in 2021. Not only that: also paid wages above the general market.

Indeed, according to figures from the Argentine Fintech Chamber provided of the 268 companies that make up the sector, 25 are dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

But there is one fact that more eloquently demonstrates the growth of the sector: in 2019, there were just 11 firms dedicated to digital currencies. In other words, the number of companies increased 125% in just twelve months.

Needless to say that the country has great players of overall weight, as Munn (one of the Bitcoin wallets most used in the world), the signing of intelligent contracts IOV Labs, and the company of crypto audit OpenZeppelin , called to be the sixth Argentine unicorn.

Data provided by PwC Argentina realize not only of experts in new finance are required, they receive monthly salaries attractive:

  • Managers: $ 238,000
  • Headquarters: $ 140,000
  • Analyst: $ 105,000

They also have an annual productivity bonus of up to two salaries, flexible hours, home office, and programs of benefits.

Cryptocurrencies have already become a subject of study

"Today, digital skills are essential and increasingly valued. Perfecting yourself is the key to entering a highly competitive market that is also highly required, " says Escuti.

For his part, Scaliter says that this year will be key for the development of digital currencies, which will allow generating new job opportunities.

"Lately, there is encouraging news: PayPal started working with cryptocurrency s and is an issue that has no turning back each time exist. More need of education more education there is a boost. Of projects, This ends propelling furthermore. adoption and that's the virtuous circle we're looking for, "he adds.

Gonzalo Mosquera, the crypto investor advisor, and educator tell that people's interest in learning about virtual currencies is growing at a dizzying rate.

"Companies that are related to law and finance will also begin to demand professionals related to the crypto world," he recommends.

Mosquera adds that continues to closely search for developers of blockchain on the market and ensures that the outlook is increasingly encouraging for experts in the field.

"Developers are saturated with work. In turn, the companies fail to professionals working on blockchain, and in the field of Finance is much more incipient. You are searching for graphic design, marketing, human resources applied to the crypto market ".

Thus, cryptocurrencies are not only consolidated as an attractive form of investment. Also as a new sector to look too closely at those who are starting or reconverting his career. The best is yet to come.

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