Google Stadia will work on Xbox One and Xbox Series thanks to the new Edge

Just yesterday we were giving you the news that the latest Insider compilation already includes a new version of Microsoft Edge in its Chromium variant. But what does this mean? Well, as a faithful defender and user of this browser, I'll tell you a little more about what it means for users that the browser makes use of the Chromium core on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

To begin with, Chromium is the most used web engine in the world, it is owned by Google but it is open source and allows browsers such as Vivaldi, Opera or Edge itself. This guarantees maximum compatibility with all types of websites since basically most websites are designed with Chromium in mind. But it also allows Chrome extensions to be used and Microsoft to do a joint development in all its versions.

Google Stadia on Microsoft Edge and Xbox

But using Chromium brings an added advantage to Xbox. And it is that the Stadia service will be fully functional. If you take the current Xbox browser, based on EdgeHTML, you will see that many websites do not work well, or directly do not work. But things change when we use the new Edge.

Among all the services that we will be able to use on Xbox is Google Stadia, which is designed exclusively for the Chromium engine. Several users within the Insider program have confirmed that this version is simply a port that runs on an x86_64 processor, which is very similar to the experience of the PC version we usually use. Unlike the current Edge, Microsoft has not had so many options.

However, at the moment it seems that Stadia is requesting a Google remote, so we don't know if the button mapping that the browser brings by default can be used or not. Of course, keep in mind that this is still in beta and many things can change; But of course, having access to GeForce Now or Stadia can be a good point for a console like Xbox One S or its older sister, Xbox Series S. 

Of course, this version with a new web engine also ensures much greater and better compatibility with web apps, whether they are services or emulators, among others. In addition, it seems that this browser change can also be a gateway for Cloud Gaming on less powerful Xbox consoles.

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