Facebook Auto Captioning Feature for Stories & Video Posts Will Become Reality Very Soon

Facebook has long had stories, a feature the social network copied from Snapchat. During this time, additional functions have been introduced in these stories in order to make them better. The social network seeks to make them more accessible to all users, so they will soon also have subtitles that are automatically generated.

Facebook will have captions on your stories

This is something that has been seen is already underway on the social network, there are tests with these subtitles, although no dates are known yet.


In this case, the function to be introduced in the social network will have subtitles that are generated automatically. When uploading a story on Facebook, users can choose this option, called Caption in English, so that their story generates said subtitles automatically and allows anyone who sees said story to follow it.

In addition, the text would be displayed throughout the story, not simply as a normal subtitle, so it would be an option that helps content creators to get a better response to the stories that they upload in their accounts on the social network.

At the moment no dates have been given for the launch of this function on the social network. It is known that they are currently working on it and it has already been possible to see the interface of how it will look in the stories on Facebook, but from the social network they have not given dates yet. So we will have to wait at least a few more weeks.

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