Apple TV will have a new remote control

Apple TV will have a new remote control in its next version. It has long been speculated that the American firm is working on a new version, but at the moment it is not known when it can be expected that this new model will be made official. It seems clear that you will have a renewed remote control in this case.

This new model is already being developed under the code name B519. There are hardly any details about this new generation that the American firm will launch.

Apple TV New remote

The Apple TV remote control is an accessory or tool that generates division between users. There are many who consider that it is of quality and works well, but other users think that it is a bad design due to the absence of physical navigation buttons, which makes it not intuitive for all users. In addition, it seems that the command would have a name.

Since that change from Siri Remote to Apple TV Remote has been seen in the iOS 14.5 code. So we could be facing a series of major changes in the design, which would make the firm launch a new name for this command.

Nothing is known about when this new generation will become official, but it seems that it is already underway. We will have to wait a few weeks until more is known. Everything indicates that it will be official in 2021, but Apple itself does not say anything about it for now.

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