Discord Hit $10 Billion Bid In The Run From Microsoft Among Others To Buy It [Update]

[Update 23-03-21]: The discussions between Discord and Microsoft have now ended. It is now planned to remain independent and to get more money through shares through a financing round on the stock exchange.

With this, you want to position yourself even better. Discord Co-Founder and CEO Jason Citron said: "Looking ahead to 2021, we are very confident and plan to use this funding to make Discord even better - both for our free service and for our Nitro subscribers." (via)

[Original 23-03-21]: Discord is a free service not just for gamers. As you can see, Discord is now for sale and several potential buyers have been spoken to. Microsoft is also in the running.

Microsoft took 10 billion dollars in hand to take over this service. But there is no deal yet. Many will surely wonder what Microsoft wants with Discord. But there's a good explanation from analyst Matthew Kanterman. "The possible takeover of Discord by Microsoft makes a lot of sense, as the company is further redesigning its gaming business towards software and services".

Discord itself had turned to Microsoft and asked if they were interested. But Epic Games and Amazon are also still in the running. So it's going to be exciting. For Microsoft itself, it would of course be a good deal to be able to further expand the Xbox service. After the talks about TikTok and Pinterest did not lead to any result, but ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) was taken over for 7.5 billion dollars.

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