Argus Joins Microsoft to Deliver Automotive Cyber ​​Security Cloud Solution

Argus Cyber ​​Security, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity, joins Microsoft's partner network to provide automakers with the ability to monitor, detect, and mitigate attacks in the cloud.

With this collaboration, the Argus cybersecurity product line integrated with the Azure IoT platform for automotive applications is △Argus Fleet Protection △Automotive Security Operations Center (ASOC) solution △In-vehicle insight from Argus Connected ECU Protection △Argus Wireless (OTA) ) It provides various functions such as software updates.

This end-to-end cloud solution is one of the first in the industry to provide automakers with full visibility into the cybersecurity status of their vehicles through internal and external monitoring.

With this collaboration in the automotive sector, automakers can easily access security-related in-vehicle information as well as comprehensively deal with security events. Argus Connected ECU Protection, mounted on connected ECUs such as telematics, infotainment centers, and ADAS devices, detects operating system anomalies and suspicious activity in the vehicle according to the threat model defined by the customer.

Threat models can be defined based on UNECE R155 (WP.29), MITER Attack Framework or other selected models. Vehicle alerts are sent to Argus Fleet Protection to integrate with other information in a module dedicated to vehicle threat identification and investigation.

By integrating end-to-end automotive cybersecurity with Microsoft Azure IoT, automakers can build a more accurate and comprehensive cyber intelligence system using data from a wide range of sources.

In addition, automakers are using Argus Delta OTA update technology to perform security updates over the air, enabling them to instantly reduce their exposure to cyber risks while lowering vehicle downtime and installation costs.

Miki Hakak, vice president of marketing and business development at Argus Cyber ​​Security, said, “We are excited to be joining some of the world's top companies using Microsoft Azure. This collaboration will be a leap forward for automakers seeking to reduce their exposure to cyber risks and comply with existing standards and regulations such as UNR 155 (WP.29).” “It allows automakers to cost-effectively and seamlessly deploy cybersecurity in their vehicles without impacting cycles or projects.”

Avijit Sinha, Head of Microsoft Azure Mobility, said, “Cybersecurity is an essential factor in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles. It has a comprehensive modular solution that provides security across computing functions and networks. "The collaboration between Argus and Microsoft Azure IoT will be a path for automakers aiming to launch secure, connected and self-driving cars."

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