Digital Social Security transition will benefit from 200 million euros from the Recovery and Resilience Program

The Government intends to expand the modernization of the Social Security information system with the addition of new funds.

The Government expects to use 200 million euros from the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR), put into public consultation, in the digital transition of Social Security, with a view to modernizing its information system, Lusa said.

According to the document, the investments foreseen in this scope "include initiatives in five strategic axes", one of which is the "reorganization of the design of the Social Security system and modernization of the Social Security Information System".

The Government also intends to develop a “new relationship model (360┬║ Vision) that streamlines and integrates, in an omnichannel logic, the various channels of interaction between the citizen and the company with social security, using emerging technologies”, as well as “Reformulate and adapt the workstation (Workstation 21), enabling the use of more adaptive ways of working, such as teleworking, intervening in equipment and productivity and communication solutions”.

It is also planned to implement “infrastructure solutions and support for Social Security systems, based on 'Cloud' solutions that guarantee greater performance, system availability and greater adaptation and technological updating of all components of the architecture”, and also the “reengineering of processes and qualification of professionals to adapt them to the recommended transformations”.

The operationalization of this investment will be carried out by the Social Security Institute, the Instituto de Informática, and the General Directorate of Social Security.

Portugal's Recovery and Resilience Plan, to access the post-crisis community funds of COVID-19, provides for 36 reforms and 77 investments in the social, climate, and digital areas, for a total of 13.9 billion euros in grants.

After a draft presented to the European Commission last October and a process of talks with Brussels, the Portuguese Government yesterday put the preliminary and summarized version of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) in public consultation, which stipulates “19 components, which in turn integrate 36 reforms and 77 investments”.

The executive justifies that, “based on the diagnosis of needs and challenges”, three “structuring dimensions” were defined - that of resilience, climate transition, and digital transition - to which 13.9 billion euros will be allocated. euros in non-repayable grants from European post-crisis funds.

The document also provides for 2.7 billion euros in loans, but a source from the executive guarantees that “it is not yet assured” that Portugal will resort to this aspect of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, the main instrument of the new Recovery Fund of the European Union.

It is expected that the largest share (61%) of the PRR funds will go to the area of ​​resilience, with a total of 8.5 billion euros in grants and 2.4 billion euros in loans.

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