Should manufacturers limit the purchase of hardware to mine cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have been somewhat of a shadow in recent years. However, for a few months now, they have been highly valued and thus have become one of the most popular themes today. But this reality has caused a shortage of equipment for mining, which leaves some consumers frustrated by not being able to purchase a unit, for example, of newer graphics cards.

In this regard, in our question this week we want you to tell us whether manufacturers should limit the purchase of hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. Participate!

Should manufacturers limit the purchase of hardware to mine cryptocurrencies?

At the moment a Bitcoin (BTC) is worth almost 40,000 euros, while an Ethereum (ETHER) is worth close to 1,500 euros. So we are talking about high and very attractive values ​​that motivate the frenetic interest by users in cryptocurrency mining.

We have already talked about several examples of this almost uncontrolled madness in the search for digital currencies. One was the discovery of a system with 78 GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards capable of mining the equivalent of $ 128,000 a year. It was also news that an anonymous company bought 20,000 machines to mine Bitcoins in Siberia. More recently we have also realized that some Asian Internet cafes are turning into cryptocurrency mining systems.

Because of this growing mining practice, there are already sites in Iran that are experiencing power cuts.

But the big consequence is the scarcity of hardware, which has also led to the demand for notebooks with the new GeForce RTX 30. Thus, anyone looking for hardware for purposes other than mining is facing a complicated task. This is because either there is no stock, or the units that still exist are much more expensive than the initial price.

Some consumers argue that the solution to this problem would be the manufacturers themselves who should intervene and limit the mass purchase of this equipment. So, tell us your opinion on this matter.

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