YouTube Announces Feature Like Popular Twitch Feature

YouTube just announced an interesting novelty in its platform: Clips feature, which allows you to "cut" a small piece of a video and share it in a loop with your friends on social networks. It is a feature very similar to the eponymous functionality present on Twitch, often used by streamers to engage with their fans.

“We hear a lot of comments from creators and viewers who want an easy way to capture small segments of content and share moments from videos or broadcasts. We look forward to starting our testing of a clipping feature on YouTube starting today with a small group of creators as we begin to collect feedback, ”said a company spokesman.

For now, the creation of clips is only possible through the web interface or the official application for Android devices - iOS was left out of that first testing period. The stretches can take from five to 60 seconds and will always be connected to the original video (having the same title, description, and any cards with external URLs) so that the tool cannot be used for unauthorized copies.

In order for the curious on duty to experience the novelty, YouTube provided a test video with the feature enabled. Just click on the scissors icon, select the desired segment, write a short description of up to 140 characters and click on the “Share Clip” button. In addition to several social networks, the platform also offers the possibility to generate HTML code to incorporate the content on your website.

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